Tax deposits and moving demands,

our service ... our service - performances:
Everything  for  house  and  residents
Translations and authority walks
  • Application for the N.I.E. (taxpayer identification code)
  • Nichtresidencia -- Residencia
  • Tax representation, annual tax returns,
  • Contract preparations,  testamentary preparations,
  • Notary companies,
  • Tax deposits and moving demands,
  • declaration for authorities,
  • declaration of water current and telephone
  • declaration at the register, land register statements,
  • Motor vehicle. - declaration
  • Arrangement and supervision of authorized U . registered workshops of the different Jobs
  • Insurances, building  and legal liability, German -englisch contract texts!
  • general legal advice
  • Property management
  • Car rental with airport service
  • Arrangement of vacation U. Renting out objects
Real  estate  --  service
our property service:
  • Arrangement and sale of select U. checked real estate
  • new objects, houses and villas situated in the making or individual explanations
  • Property stock exchange for 2. hand objects
  • Handling of all formalities at purchase or sale of real estate, register statements, contract preparations, notary companies, tax deposits and moving demands
  • Vacation house arrangement, property management
  • we are looking for objects lining up for the resale constantly for customers noted down

You would like to sell your property?
You call us, we advertise your property at a fair price and guarantee
you a serious sales carrying out with all formalities.

The many content customers are our reference in the area Torrevieja.

Tours  in  Spain  and  South Africa
Tours in Spain:
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Tour in South Africa:
South Africa you want to know you better with the game reserves?
Ask us for the experience of our tours in South Africa
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