RENT A CAR ,  Office Los Altos, Torrevieja 

         Order with detail of the flight number and time! 


        Time period of the rental, group of the vehicle (vehicle type) and return place.


        An order or inquiry can be carried out directly with the online form.

        Least renting time: 1 week



                                 AT THE AIRPORT

                     only   Alicante  or  Murcia / San Javier,

                        to the partner side



         The terms and costs for the vehicle handing over filled up are in the responsibility area

       our car letting partner, Lara Cars.

       Phone / Fax : +34 96 670 7806             mailto:

are included in the price:

you don't contain in the price:

Take-over or return to the airports Alicante or Murcia (San Javier) is possible,

or else at our office in Torrevieja, Los Altos


All cars are provided filled up and submitted to you.

The return of the cars is carried out emptily or not tanked in the condition!

At handing over appointments to the night-time,

Night-time is 11 p.m. till 7 o'clock,

is a surcharge lifted up of 6 €uro.

Price for handing over filled up to you, in addition to the rent are on:

                   You can online order :

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