Friendly advices to our customers: 


Office hours :

             Monday until Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. 

To help to avoid long waiting times, call us first for an appointment, please!

If you receive Spanish written letters that are difficult for you to understand, please do not hesitate to send them to us either by fax or by mail � without comment.

We then will proceed for you in the appropriate way.


 Office not open , 2018 -2019

                         The office is not accessible during this time!

                            as of  27. Dezember  2018   until    05. Maerz 2019

               In important cases you leave a message to us by fax or e-mail,

                                 so that we can immediately react after the holiday.



    Information para nuestros Clientes

       por favor  siempre  piden una cita por

                telefono o mejor por e-mail


          Customer Information

  Dear Custumers, please get  allways  an

         appointment via telephone or e-mail.


Telefon / Telefono / Phone:   (+34) 629841282

 e-mail :




  Processing of the annual tax returns

The processing of the tax returns is always carried out as of the end of August.

All official letters concerning tax matters being sent to you by this time, as there are the notice of assessment or any supplementations, have to be delivered either in original or as a copy to our office until the end of August, so that there is a correct calculation basis.I

The calculated amounts plus the costs for processing are available from the beginning of September to be made available in the office until mid-November.
The statement of the pure tax amount can
you also arrange for them to be sent directly from your bank upon presentation of the declaration.

In the case, you have provided us with a preauthorized payment mandate we will debit your account with the calculated amounts inclusive service charge.

 Please assure a sufficient cover of your account!

 Cash payment can be made directly in our office until mid of November.

                     Please have a look on our service-price list in the office!